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Can You Be A Sugar Baby Online Only?

online sugar baby

The “Sugar Daddy” industry has become very popular in recent years. It first gained attention after a few television shows began airing segments on the popular sugar daddy sites. Since then, even college newspapers have written articles on romances that began on sites like or Seeking Arrangement.

It is clear that the sugar daddy lifestyle is not going anywhere anytime soon. College student, college graduates, and young women in their twenties and thirties have become aware of this life, and they have begun to wonder if they could get a sugar daddy online who will pay their bills and send them money, all without ever seeing the guy.

Though the website usually encourages real life relationships, which involve anything from a date night to week long exotic vacations, this type of commitment could be timely and scary for a woman. Safety has become a concern that men must deal with when they are trying to meet a woman in a sugar relationship.

And rightly so. Males are stronger than their female counterparts. The situation could turn dangerous if the wrong sugar daddy overpowers a woman. But for the women looking to Seeking Arrangement and for online scenarios, they might want to try different sites.

Subreddit r/sugarbaby is just that type of site. It is for strictly online relationships, and there are over there times the amount of posts on this site for online courting as opposed to in-person. The women on these sites advertise videos, pictures, chats, voice messages, and sexting, all with the opportunity to meet offline should the time come. Kik is a popular messaging app with which they mostly communicate to sugar daddies, and you could even find Kik shows.

The main issue with this is that half of the accounts are not real. For that reason, you do not know if it is actually some man behind the scenes trying to make money by offering fake videos of women. The man could even change his voice with a voice distorter and sound like a female.

The videos, voice messages, and pictures cost about $100 to $200 weekly. Other options are available as well, including $20 to buy worn panties, $50 for a masturbation session, and $10 to rate pictures. However, you could not know if these are real or not.

Sugar babies will have a hard time getting rich from this. It's possible to get $200 from a few guys, but there aren't many out there. Rich guys are intelligent and sometimes cheap with their money. They wouldn't send $1000 for just a few videos. You would have to spend lots more hours as an investment, and time and energy will be demanded by the sugar daddy. The ones that even spend $200 online are going to expect more from you then just videos or photos.

The less that they send, the more they expect. Some of the top sugar babies make $2000 for one day. An online sugar baby only makes $150 after spending 10 hours making videos. Another 40 hours would go into convincing a guy to send you more money.

It's all about valuing your time. Spending 40 hours posting online with one guy sending you $200 is not enough. Move on to something else. That equates to $5 for one hour of work, which is not even minimum wage.

Real life sugar baby interactions would make much more money, but there is little to be made in strictly online stuff. Your best bet would be to use that time to spend on making yourself more attractive to a man, both inside and out.

Another aspect is that many women become sugar babies and expect money to be sent to them instantly. That's not how it work. It would still take a few days to clear the money, regardless of what account platform you use. Sugar babies who post pictures and videos on Snapchat need to learn this, and realize money will not come that fast, unless a sugar daddy has the same bank account as you do. This is highly unlikely, and it is less likely that they would even attach a bank account to send money to you. Overnighting Western Union and cashier checks are other options, but those do not work either.

It's best to maintain a real life relationship with a sugar daddy if you are looking to earn money. Sugar relationships have a much higher success rate that way. Online relationships tend to fizzle out when the idea of meeting in real life is ruled out.