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The Secret World of Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies.

sugar daddy world

60 Minutes Australia recently released a new segment about the mysterious world of those who call themselves Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies. For those who are unfamiliar with the terminology, it is defined as a romantic relationship between a man and a woman. However, that may only be on the surface.

Sugar Babies are young women looking for an older, richer man to date. Sugar Daddies on the other hand, are the prosperous, older men who are looking for younger women to date. Sugar babies are the subject of the craze, with 80% of them looking for free sugar baby apps or sites online.

Websites like Seeking Arrangements and Sugar Daddy Mate have been quick to capitalize on this craze for people around the world looking to enter into such an arrangement. There are an increasing number of men joining this site everyday. In terms of women, it was reported that 20,000 young Australian women are, or would like to be, so called Sugar Babies. There are currently 180,000 Australian University students on Seeking Arrangements alone, and this number is forecasted to only increase in coming years.

The reasons for a man to join usually come down to two categories. The first is an older man who wants to enjoy the company of an attractive young woman. The other is a man who lives a more wild life, and enjoys the company of many women. Some of these men may have missed out on partying in their younger years, and want to relive that era of their lives, while others were unsatisfied with their former relationships and were looking for something more fulfilling.

On the other hand, the women on these sites enjoy the financial gain from these interactions. They enjoy being pampered by luxurious, rich older men. Women have stated they have had their entire school tuition paid this way, making in a few hours what takes others weeks to earn. The gifts showered upon them by these men sometimes beat the grind of going out to clubs and bars with men their own age.

Brandon Wade, owner and creator of Seeking Arrangements, says that at the core, these relationships help both parties, instead of just glamorizing sex. Women want to be with a man who could show them the finer things in life, and substantially improve their own life by being around the company of successful people and attitudes. He states that, after all, all relationships are affected by money one way or another, some entirely. He is a man just selling romance to the public. His website also makes it clear that sex should not be expected when meeting other members.

However you look at it, this site is providing men and women around the world a chance to join together in a sweet and romantic way, regardless of monetary or sexual gains. Sites like Tinder have been made famous for bringing together for the purpose of hooking up, and many people have found relationships through that site without even the initial thought of sex in their mind. Though Sugar Daddy has the reputation of being mainly about sex for money, it still stands somewhere along the same lines as Tinder, with parties free to make their own decisions about who they want to spend their time with. A relationship is a relationship, at the end of the day, regardless of age, money, or sex.

The sugar baby dating is ephemeral and intense. It's like gambling. You don't know if the next sugar date you meet is amazing or disappointment. But there is no denying that it is unstoppable.